Speak Your Truth Workshop

Part of the ‘Feminine Rising’ Programme, this is a creative, explorative and reflective space to get in touch with the Wild Woman archetype.

Time to speak your truth!

The ‘Wild Woman’ archetype is perhaps one of the most hidden, suppressed and stigmatised. The gifts and strengths that she offers are much needed, as it is through her that we are able to undergo necessary healing and consequently be healers ourselves. It is not always easy to tune into her sensitivities and what she has to share may not be socially acceptable. However, those of us who have experiences this archetype know that she is reluctant to hold back.

In this ‘Wild Woman Archetype’ workshop we will:-

  • Discuss different ideologies & concepts surrounding the’Wild Woman’ archetype and how this affects us, including key themes from personal, social and global perspectives.
  • Explore your personal connection to ‘Wild Woman’ through creative meditation exercises.
  • Express significant thoughts, ideas and feelings surrounding the ‘Wild Woman’, through a variety of creative tools.
  • Embrace the gifts that she has to offer, in a world that doesn’t always understand or appreciate or value them.

This is suitable for women & gender minorities only (trans/self-defining incl). This work is about exploring, expressing and embracing the qualities associated and in doing so strengthening our feminine power on an individual and collective level.

Each session is £20 standard/£15 conc* sliding scale.

Booking is essential as there is a limited number of spaces.

The Lush Location:
Suite 2B, North Mill, Bridge Foot,
DE56 1YD.
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There is a lift available for those with limited mobility &/or wheelchair users.