Self Care & Self Love Workshop

Part of the ‘Feminine Rising’ Programme, this is a creative, explorative and reflective space to get in touch with the Mother/Nurturer archetype.

Time for you to be nurtured!

The qualities associated with this archetype are fundamental to the growth and development of the world surrounding us. The ability to care, support and nurture is essential for our collective survival, yet is often undermined or undervalued in modern society.  This strong force, is a powerful creator whether it be of ideas, projects or children. In their full truth, they are able to give themselves the essential care and attention they so readily gives. Crucially, they know when to enable growth but also knows when to let go of what no longer serves, inviting in a sense of freedom.

In this workshop we will:-

  • Discuss different ideologies & concepts surrounding the ‘Mother/Nurturer’ archetype and how this affects us, including key themes from personal, social and global perspectives.
  • Explore your personal connection to the ‘Mother/Nurturer’ archetype through creative meditation exercises.
  • Express significant thoughts, ideas and feelings surrounding the ‘Mother/Nurturer’ archetype, through a variety of creative tools.
  • Embrace the gifts that she has to offer, in a world that doesn’t always understand or appreciate or value them.

This is for women & gender minorities only (trans/self-defining incl). This includes those who are mothers/nurturers, as well as those that are not. This work is about exploring, expressing and embracing the qualities associated and in doing so strengthening our power on an individual as well as collective level...