Meet Em

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Here’s me in 10 seconds…

Hi I’m Emerciana Desouza. My friends call me Em. I am a Expressive Arts Facilitator, Artist, Intuitive Energy Worker, Writer, & Free Spirit.

My training in Creative Expressive Therapies (BA Hons), enables me to use a range of creative arts tools in order facilitate personal transformation & growth, promote natural cycles of being, & foster joy.

With over 10 years experience providing workshops for both children and adults with a range of abilities, within therapeutic, educational and community settings.

My Why… 

The work I do brings me deep joy as I believe in the power of art as a tool for personal transformation. This is something I’ve witnessed on many levels and am keen to share with others.

In addition…

I have unique position in bridging many worlds with a Portuguese name, Indian ancestry, Catholic upbringing, predominant spiritual interest in Goddess worship, working class/immigrant background, highly creative & empathic, queer identity as well as lived experience of mental illness. Consequently, my work is informed, enriched and underpinned by a multitude of beautiful sources & influences.