Feminine Rising Programme

Are you feeling called to explore, express and reclaim your feminine power? To sisterhood? Do you feel that it is time to stand up collectively and to be known? If so, this is a dedicated space to do just this, welcome. These ‘Feminine Rising’ workshops will provide you with an in depth experiential awareness and understanding of four key feminine archetypes, how we can improve our connection with them and how they can help us to better work with our own natural rhythms. Let’s rise together.
Channeling Strength & Utilising Your Gifts & Talents, 19th Sept, 7-9pm
  • Solar Plexus Meditation & Affirmations
  • Inner Maiden & Timeline Visualisation
  • Vision Boards
  • Open Space: Art making / Free Write / Conscious Movement
Time Out for Self Care & Self Love, 10th Oct, 7-9pm
  • Heart Meditation & Affirmations
  • Inner Mother/Nurturer Visualisation
  • Self Love Letters
  • Open Space: Art making / Free Write / Conscious Movement
Seek & Speak Your Truth, 7th Nov, 7-9pm
  • Guided Meditation & Affirmations
  • Inner Wild Woman Visualisation
  • Storytelling & Creative Writing Exercises
  • Open Space: Art making / Free Write / Conscious Movement
Trusting Your Inner Knowing, 5th Dec, 7-9pm
  • Guided Meditation & Affirmations
  • Inner Wise Woman Visualisation
  • Charting Emotions & Creative Journalling
  • Open Space: Art making / Free Write / Conscious Movement
Let’s journey together into the depths of these replenishing energies through guided meditation, creative expression and reflection. Devote some time that is solely for you and your connection to feminine power, with a different focus each time. You will be guided and supported by experienced facilitator Emerciana Desouza. Each workshop there will be a selection of refreshments, and a selection of teas and coffee.
This is for women & gender minorities only (self-identifying/trans inclusive)
Each session is £20 standard/£15 conc* sliding scale. Please get in touch for concessions.
Booking is essential as there is a limited number of spaces.
The Lush Location:
Suite 2B, North Mill, Bridge Foot,
DE56 1YD.
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There is a lift available for those with limited mobility &/or wheelchair users.
*Please note that a limited number of accessibility tickets are available reserved for those with no/little funds to attend. These are made available once the minimum number of bookings has been met. Find out More













Terms & Conditions

In order to secure your place on a workshop or course, please book your place. There are no refunds given with the exception of a workshop cancellation, so please be 100% you can commit to attending before booking. Through paying via Paypal, please be aware that you are consenting to a welcome letter being sent to the email address linked to your Paypal, unless otherwise stated. Your email contact details will not be held beyond this point in the interest of your privacy, unless you would like to subscribe for updates.

Thank you & best wishes, Em.