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A Celebration of Feminine Power

It has been a busy few weeks of sessions and events, which have both moved and inspired me beyond words. Despite this, I thought I would gather a few, to share the joy I have felt as a result of sharing these spaces.

Earlier in the year, I’d felt strongly that there needed to be more spaces which celebrated femininity, as an antidote to a culture which is presents itself as predominantly hyper masculine.

As part of this work, I have chosen to focus on creating spaces for women in order to reclaim feminine power and celebrate creativity, which is often repressed and undervalued.  So far, this has been manifested through Reclaiming Your Feminine Power session and more recently She Speaks, (which I proudly co-host with talented artists Aoife O’Conner & Jo Lewis).

Reclaiming Feminine Power

Following on from the ‘Reclaiming Your Feminine Power’ taster, I then launched the full version at the end of May. Calling together those that identify as women, who like myself, have felt drawn to sisterhood, to being creative, expressive for both personal & collective healing.

During this time we explored what feminine power means to each of us, unpacking the societal conditioning which often inhibits this, reclaiming the missing pieces of power that we have lost along the way. In addition, I led a guided mediation with clear quartz to release what no longer serves in reclaiming this power and invite in what does serve.

It was such an honour to hold this space and undoubtedly deeply felt (and still do!) that there was such a beautiful, subtle yet powerful energy within the group.

Thank you SO much to each woman who joined!



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She Speaks

Where do I begin?

…Perhaps with saying, that this night began as a simple exchanging of words, between 3- passionate about the arts, inclusivity and female representation- female artists (Myself, Jo & Aoife).

This is most fitting, because it demonstrates the power of words which can be so transformative. This was a vision we each shared and one that have also been able to share much wider, with all that came and that supported us with the night.

We launched with a poem we’d co-written only days before, to warm up the stage and call up our talented line-up. This included headliners Sophie Sparham & Milla Tebbs , Pippa Nayer, Shub Heywood and Rosa Straw, as well as open mic open to all.

This was a truly breath taking experience, and one that I am so grateful of. I felt that there was a strong sense of community in sharing our creativity, our vulnerabilities, our solidarity and our cause for celebration for using these powerful voices!




Upcoming Sessions


Feminine Rising: Sister Circle

Weds 21st June, 2017, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, £3/£5/£10

Feel free to join us this Summer Solstice for a nurturing, creative and supportive space to explore the last 6 months, releasing and looking at what we’d like to manifest in the next 6 months. Powerful stuff!

This event has passed!


Free to BE: Creative Meditation Session

Tuesday 27th , 2017, 1pm – 2pm, £5/Donation

This is a themed space to stop a min, relax and unwind. I’d like to invite whoever feels interested in supporting such a place, so feel free to join if you fancy it. Be good to see you there!

This event has passed!

She Speaks 


We are taking a break over the summer, ready to launch our next event in September – so please watch this space for more info!

In the meanwhile, why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook??!


Past Workshops & Events

International Womens Day: Reclaiming Our Feminine Power

IWD Workshop3

The ‘International Womens Day‘ Festival in Derby, is a much anticipated annual event that is totally free. It is guaranteed that if you head down to the market place whilst the festival is running, that you will meet and be surrounded by talented, creative, determined & inspiring women. There is a strong sense of sisterhood which is a truly satisfying to experience to say the least.

It was a great honour to invite many of these women to attend my workshop ‘Reclaiming Our Feminine Power‘. The energy in the room was breathtaking as I hadn’t known what to expect: it was filled with women that stood firmly in their truth together, which is a powerful act in itself.

The motivation for me to run such a workshop came from simply feeling that as women we need to be able to come together in order to reconnect with our sense of femininity and the power that we undeniably hold with this. It feels important to create a space to reinforce this notion, as feminine qualities are often undervalued and underappreciated.

With the time limit of 45 minutes, I had to keep a steady pace so that we could have enough time to have a brief discussion and engage in a taster of ‘Creative Meditation’. The discussion was useful as it set the tone of what the overall feelings, opinions and thoughts were surrounding ‘Feminine Power’. It was so good to hear all of the comments that were made collectively, whether verbally or written. Ideas shared surrounded qualities such as; authenticity, determination, warmth, nature, empathy, nurture, fierceness, gentleness, caring, intuition. These were then the qualities we focussed on within the ‘Creative Meditation’. Here was the space to engage with creative expression and visual exploration of any thoughts, ideas or feelings that may have come up.

It was at this point that I truly appreciated how essential creativity is to us as women, in whatever form.

In no time at all, the session had very soon come to a close and to me it had felt very much like we had just begun! I look forward to inviting these & other women to attend future sessions, which will allow more time to go into it in much greater depth. It will be wonderful to further reveal the ‘Feminine Power’ we had started to collectively explore and embrace.

My deepest gratitude to the women that had shown up, participated and stood together in solidarity to ‘Feminine Power’.

Big Love,

Em X

Past Workshops & Events

City Zen Skill Share: Discovering Your Feminine Power

It had felt fairly urgent to me to hold a workshop on ‘Feminine Power’. It felt important that this allowed people to explore this concept within a personal, social and global context, express thoughts & feelings around it and finally to be able to embrace these necessary & essential feminine qualities.

The discussion was fruitful, it was good to hear the different perspectives and ideas around what ‘Feminine Power’ is and what it means. There were moments we struggled with how gendered femininity and the problems this brings in both making it more accessible to all genders but also in how strongly women are shaped to be feminine in our society.

For me it was beautiful to discuss ‘Feminine Power’ as nurturing, being, peaceful sustaining and in abundance. From here we discussed the link between femininity & nature and the parallels we face in how the environment is currently being treated: both are arguably undervalued, neglected and forgotten. Is it time for this to change?

Following this, there was the option of a ‘Creative Meditation’ activity, which involved stillness, movement, connection with self, connection with other and an opportunity for creative expression.

This was so informative and feel that there is so much room for this to evolve and progress further in the future. To me, this further validates that this dialogue is certainly worth having as well as the practise itself of embodying ‘Feminine Power’. My aim is to continue developing this and to share it again. This is the nature of these workshops, they will be organic, natural, adapting and changing much like the very qualities of ‘Feminine Power’.

It really was an honour to hold this space, although very briefly and for people to engage with remembering, reconnecting & reclaiming ‘Feminine Power’. Thank you those wonderful souls that joined!

Someone in the group shared that you can not stop nature from growing beneath the cracks/concrete, and it has led me to reflect on resilience despite challenging external environments.  So I shall end this post with that as an analogy of the times that we are facing, with the intention that it should serve as a reminder of the gentle power which surrounds us.


Big Love,

Em X