Growing up I discovered the therapeutic potential of creativity including creative writing, storytelling and visual art. My artistic abilities developed considerably and by the age of 16 I had begun my career as an artist exhibiting in Mall galleries in London. In addition, I had become involved running my own creative arts workshops and co-ordinating the youth summer scheme at a local community centre. I loved this work and was inspired to further explore the therapeutic benefits of working with people creatively.

My training in Creative Expressive Therapies (BA Hons) deepened my knowledge and awareness of effective interaction, arts therapies and historical perspectives of healing. The underpinning approach is person centred, process based focusing on what people can do regardless if ill health and aims to fosters joy through creativity and self – expression.

During this time I also had the opportunity to explore the transcendental qualities of artmaking, investigating the potential of art making to transcend the ordinary, enriching quality of life and creating a sense of connectedness between individuals. This led me to explore the concept of integrating meditation and mindfulness practice within my work as well as incorporating other art forms to inform the sessions that I offer. Consequent CPD courses have included exploring Reiki (1 & 2), Chakras & Auras, Movement Medicine, Developmental Transformations, Kundalini Dance and Phototherapy.

The majority of my work experiences has been as a facilitator enthusiastically leading on educational sessions in areas covering both social and personal development themes such as for British Councils Active Citizens training programme, Borderline mental health training programme and well-being creative arts workshops, as well as art projects within school & community centre settings.

Some of the most heart-warming experiences that I have had involve working one to one with people creatively. I have witnessed clients thriving within the spaces that I have created when they had been struggling within other environments e.g. education, residential living etc.

Throughout the past 10 years I have designed and implemented many creative workshops within a variety of different age, ability levels and settings from community centres to hospital schools with young people, SEN, and adults with learning difficulties. Through these roles I have discovered that I enjoy working with people in order to work with them to reach their potential, focusing on their abilities.

Overall, I am deeply concerned with catalysing change and transformation on both personal & social levels, as well as addressing negative life experiences with creative and holistically informed solutions.