Creative Wellbeing & Empowerment Session 

Guidance & Support For Your Unique Soul Purpose

* Utilising your unique gifts & talents with a focus on living intuitively & cyclically.
* Exploring different aspects of self.
* Creatively working through blocks.

1hr Session Includes:

* Personalised Exercises: Guided meditation, visualisation, inner landscapes creative exploration, charting emotions & creative journalling, protection rituals.

Suitable for all genders/sexualities.

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Terms & Conditions

In order to secure your place for this session, please book your preferred time slot. You will then be given a link to pay via PayPal. There are no refunds given with the exception of a session cancellation, so please be 100% you can commit to attending before booking. Please be aware that through making this booking you are consenting to receiving emails regarding your booking, unless otherwise stated. Your email contact details will not be held beyond this point in the interest of your privacy. Please note sessions are to be held over Skype, unless otherwise stated.

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