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Discovering Your Feminine Power Workshop

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 19.13.03

All too often feminine qualities are undervalued & neglected in our society: nurturing, empathy, intuition, sensitivity & softness. Our culture is dominantly hyper-masculine, the symptoms of which include:-

  • Rape Culture which allow men to be defended & even protected for committing rape.
  • Mainstream porn being the primary source of sex education.
  • Shame around men showing vulnerability, resulting in the suicide being the leading cause of death in British men under the age of 50.
  • Media which promotes unrealistic gender stereotypes which often uses pornified imagery.
  • Care industries that are undervalued & under appreciated.

and much more…

However… these feminine qualities are possibly just what is missing in the world and what is needed to create a much more sustainable future.

This workshop is an invitation for people, regardless of gender, to enter a space where they can explore concepts around femininity in our culture and to express what this really means to them. This feels like an important workshop to be offering and that it should be made accessible to all genders, as either can embody feminine qualities.

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